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Zoe Empowers

Zoe Empowers has a vision to see a world where all children are given opportunities, not handouts, to reach their full potential. They empower orphans and vulnerable children to move beyond charity becoming fully self-reliant leaders who change entire communities. The Problem: Over 380 million children worldwide live in extreme poverty. Among this population, orphans and child-led families are especially vulnerable to isolation and exploitation. Zoe Empowers provides them with the tools, resources and training to pull themselves out of poverty - for good.

Over the last year, 14 new churches partnered with Zoe Empowers in the Florida United Methodist Conference, and many other churches have been involved in many different ways. A new challenge grant of $42,000 will hopefully double the number of children the Florida Conference can impact through Zoe Empowers. A group of laity and clergy have been traveling around Florida to different local churches, ministries, and missions to talk about Zoe Empowers and why we believe empowerment is key to changing the world. We would love to come talk to you!