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Heidi has been involved with young adults finding their calling for over 22 years. Really, she has been directly involved with 168 in 41 house teams. Before coming to start our program, Heidi ran an urban ministry in Miami for 13 years. Every kind of ministry there is, being done in a big city, she's been involved with it. She has more knowledge of strange, health-related issues than she should. And she has more stories from various participants and teams than there is time to listen to. Don't even ask about marching band days.

Jessica has a deep personal commitment to God's role in faith and she listens carefully and cares deeply. She is completely committed to bringing out your best by helping you ask your own questions and find your own answers. In addition, she can help you grow food, prepare meals, gather others, build community  and engage the world in a gentle, less-violent way than the world seems to demand.

Anna is just starting with our team. She has a gift of organization and care to detail. She's going to be helping us with logistics and planning. She is a provisional elder and beginning as pastor of Redland Community UMC this summer.

Heidi Aspinwall                                                           

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