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World Parish: Serving Beyond Boundaries

Serving Beyond Boundaries–A Missionary Legacy Preservation Project

The Florida United Methodist Heritage Center has been on a mission throughout 2022 into 2023, and beyond to capture stories, narratives, videos, and even original devotions written by missionaries connected to the Florida Annual Conference.  When on a mission, you do not do this alone.  The Heritage Center would like to thank the tireless efforts of Rev. Marilyn Beecher, Dr. Larry Rankin, Rev. Ivan Corbin, Ms. Brittany Jackson, and Mr. Don Youngs.  Collaboration is key and this project would not be possible without everyone's gifts, time, and service. 

Rev. Marilyn Beecher (left) and Dr. Larry Rankin (right) in a meeting for “The World Parish: Serving Beyond Boundaries. . ..

When you think of a missionary and what that person is called to do, several ideas arise.  Where does that person serve in the world? What kind of work and service for Jesus Christ does that person work on day in and day out?  When did this person serve?  How did that person serve and with what other people?  And, most appropriately, who was that person called to serve?  A missionary is a boundless, sacrificial servant of The Lord called to do the extraordinary sometimes in the most ordinary places, the most distant, far-away lands, or right outside your local church’s window. Missionaries are a marvel and gifts from God. 

The Florida United Methodist Archives are diligently working to preserve the legacies of these missionaries through stories, pictures and information.  This work will be preserved for future generations to study, learn from, and build upon the rich legacy of the Methodist missionary in Florida. 

If you are a missionary who is connected with the Florida Annual Conference and would like to contribute to this preservation project, or are a family member who would like to add to this project, please reach out to Rev. Judi M. New, Archivist for the Florida Annual Conference at .

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