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Why Creation Care Matters

Why Creation Care Matters

  1. God’s first commandment to Adam was to tend and cultivate the garden that he had made very, very good. [Genesis]
  2. God so loved the cosmos (all creation on earth and in space) he gave us his only son, Jesus. God loves all his creation and sent us a savior. [John 3:16]
  3. We have been royally commanded to love God above all other Gods and to love our neighbors as ourselves. (What we do upstream effects those downstream.) [Mark 12: 30-31]
  4. Jesus and some of his disciples taught and spoke in parables centered upon God’s holy creation. We are created from the earth (‘Adam’ means earth in Hebrew) and our connectedness to it cannot be discounted or forgotten.
  5. The Heavens declare the glory of God, the earth the works of his hands.  [Psalm 19:1]
  6. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the World and its inhabitants too. [Psalm 24:1]
  7. All creation is made in the image and likeness of God. If we call ourselves Christians how can we harm or degrade any creation that is God-breathed?

Children of God, people of faith. Do something now to reduce your harms against God’s good creation. We are people who have been called to model a way of life that brings life to our neighbors and not death. The Intergovernmental Panel on Creation Care now projects that we have 12 years to change our energy sources to drastically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions 45 percent below 2010 levels.

Rooted in the Word, we must be active, bold and courageous in tackling our Climate and Creation crisis and be on mission together to combat it.

What legacy will you leave behind? Death and destruction? Or an abundant, flourishing earth as God intended?

The Florida UM Creation Care Task Force

We affirm that all creation belongs to God and is a manifestation of God’s goodness and providential care. Human beings, nonhuman animals, plants, and other sentient and non-sentient beings participate in the community of creation, and their flourishing depends on the care of all God’s creation. 

United Methodist Revised Social Principles, pg. 9 Community of All Creation