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What Can I Do?

In order to help you better define your new partnership with a school in your community, we have outlined three levels of engagement with schools based on the years of experience of some of the churches, big and small, in our conference. As you come to better understand your calling, your school needs, and the resources of your congregation, you will be able to find a category that better fits your current reality. We encourage you to always promise less than what you can deliver, and deliver more than what you promise. Our hope is that this will help you to think about your new relationship. These categories are not perfect, but hopefully they can serve as guidelines as you start your ministry with schools.


1. Cooperate

Help with what they are already doing. Learn more »


2. Coordinate

Use an established program, national or regional, to address a felt need of the school. Learn more »


3. Construct

Network with others in order to address the needs of the school community. Learn more »