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Wesley Study Retreat

The Wesley Study Retreat was created by the late Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Simpkins of Cocoa, Florida, so that United Methodist Clergy might recapture the spirit that formed the great Methodist movement.

Four clergypersons plus spouses are selected to participate in a 10 day tour of Wesley sites in the United Kingdom.  Epworth, Oxford, Bristol and London are among the places visited.  The retreat is led by one of the Trustees of the Simpkins Wesley Retreat, with lectures and tours by local experts and guides.   The retreat is typically held between June and September each year.  Travel, housing, breakfasts, and most dinners are provided by the retreat. Each traveler is asked to contribute $300.00 ($600.00 per couple) toward the cost of the retreat.

Each clergy applicant must be serving in local church ministry, in the Florida Annual Conference.  Clergy in Full Connection, and Licensed Local Pastors, who have completed the Basic Course of Study are eligible to apply.  Licensed Local Pastors with an M.Div. degree are considered to be in process towards ordination and are not eligible to participate in the Wesley Study Retreat until they are in Full Connection. All clergy applicants must have five (5) years of active ministry remaining before retirement. There is space for eight (8) participants and the retreat is available to clergy and their spouse or individual clergy who will room with another clergy of the same gender. Covenant groups of 8 or fewer total participants (clergy and spouse) may apply to travel as a group when the clergy applicants meet the above criteria. Consideration will be given if one of a covenant group’s member is in Extension Ministry. Application deadline is October 1.  All participants must have a valid passport. 

Air Travel is arranged as group. All retreat participants must travel to and from the United Kingdom together. Arriving early or staying longer than the planned itinerary is NOT an option. Retreat dates are available December 1 for the following calendar year.

CLICK HERE for the application.

If you have any questions or need further information, please call the Office of Clergy Excellence at (863) 688-5563 x133.