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We're Not in Kansas Anymore Event

Below, you can access recordings of each session for the IOP Event, We're Not in Kansas Anymore. Additionally, you can find more information from Christine Burkett and Carrie Ferenac’s session here. If you are interested in reading Heidi Campbell’s research about digital ecclesiology, you can download a PDF of the book here. If you would like to access the Advocate virtual choir’s version of “We Are Marching in the Light of God / Siyahamba,” you can find the video on YouTube, along with many other Advocate virtual choir offerings.

Session One: Welcome, Gathering Prayer, and Interview with Heidi Campbell


Session Two: Preaching in a Different World – A Panel Discussion with Tracie Ashley, Magrey deVega, Ginger Medley, and Will Wold


Session Three: What Works in Digital Space – A Conversation between Carrie Ferenac and Christine Burkett


Session Four: How Can We Sing the Old Songs in a Foreign Land? – A Conversation with Bishop Ken Carter