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The ORIGINAL SERIES is all about the objects, symbols and terms we often hear in church. Take a couple of minutes each week and have some fun while you learn from Chuck. Each week a different video is released on YouTube and announced on the Chuck Knows Church Facebook page. There are currently more than 90 episodes available on a variety of topics with more being produced. Each episode is approximately 2-5 minutes.



Overview of Church Council

Watch this overview of leadership for the year ahead. The Church Council or Leadership Team will discover support and resources for building and overseeing a comprehensive plan for ministry and discipleship. Includes resources for single board leadership model.

Presenter: Jacqui King

Duration: 55 min.

Church Council What's My Role?

The church council or leadership team will discover important support resources for building and overseeing a comprehensive plan for ministry and discipleship. Additional resources for discerning the feasibility of using a single-board leadership model, conducting community assessments, and evaluating decision-making practices are included.

Presenter: Jacqui King

Duration: 1 hour



Inter-generational Approaches for Stewardship

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Tanya Eustace and Rev. Rosanna Anderson

Duration: 54 min.

Stewardship in the Digital World: Has Your Church Made the Leap?

Presenter: Ken Sloane

Finding Treasure: The Story of Our Newest Stewardship Resource

Presenter: Ken Sloane and Jacob Armstrong

Duration: 55 min.

The Church Audit: You Can Do This!

Presenter: Ken Sloane

Duration: 76 min.

Stewardship: Show Me the Mission!

Presenter: Ken Sloane

Duration: 64 min.

Earn, Save, Give: A Stewardship Campaign with a Wesleyan Foundation

Presenters: Ken Sloane and Jim Harnish

Duration: 60 min.

Grant Writing 101: Launching Projects & Ministries that Make a Difference

Presenter: Ken Sloane and Cesie Delve Scheuermann

Duration: 64 min.

The Annual Campaign Toolbox

Presenter: Ken Sloane

Duration: 74 min.

Financial Tips for Clergy, Take the Bite Out of Income Taxes

Presenter: Rev. Don Joiner, Certified Financial Planner

Duration: 60 min.



Conference and District Lay Leaders: What's My Job?

Conference and district lay leaders have a role and responsibility to promote the role of laity as we work to fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In partnership with bishops, district superintendents and local church lay leaders, the work of conference and district lay leaders has huge potential for increased vitality throughout The United Methodist Church.

Presenters: Steve Furr and Jodi L. Cataldo

Duration: 60 min.

Best Inter-generational Practices Webinar 

Award winning Christian educator and author on aging, Barbara Bruce, will be on hand to cover latest theories, review print resources, and offer best practices in the field of inter-generational ministry with a focus on older adults. This webinar fits within a series of webinars offered by Discipleship Ministries on inter-generational Ministry. This particular session focuses upon opportunities for the older adult inter-generational ministry and what older adults offer other ages through their participation in these activities.

Presenters: Barbara Bruce, Tanya Eustace and Will Randolph

Duration: 60 min.

Leadership Transition: Pastoral and Key Leadership Changes

When leadership change happens, both laity and clergy must be prepared to manage the transition process. As the SPRC chairperson, you are preparing to share the news of a pastoral change.  At the same time, the pastor and church council chairperson may be identifying new leaders to help move the church forward while they are developing people to complete unexpired terms. This webinar will help all leaders gain insights about praying for the pastor, leaders and the congregation as they transition into a new leadership season.  This webinar will also help participants develop ministry actions plans and identify dates when the congregation can bid farewell and embrace new leadership in healthy ways.

Presenters: Jacqui King

Duration: 60 min.


SPRC, What's My Role?

Understanding the roles and ongoing responsibilities of staff parish relations committee (SPRC) is crucial for creating a healthy work place for all staff. Since building effective and vital ministries is our focus, this webinar explores strategies for goal setting,  practices for increasing staff accountability to your congregation’s goals, benefit recommendations, and ideas on promoting positive relationship development.

Presenter: Jacqui King, Director of Leadership for Congregational Vitality

Duration: 58 minutes

SPRC, Our Pastor Is Moving, Next Steps?

As the chair of the SPRC committee, you are preparing to share the news of a pastoral change. The SPRC team wants to know the next steps beyond sharing the initial announcement. This webinar will help leaders to gain insights about praying for their pastor, their family and the congregation. Also, developing leadership plans for preparing your congregation to bid farewell and embrace pastoral leadership in healthy ways.

Presenter: Jacqui King, Director of Leadership for Congregational Vitality

Duration: 59 min.



Trustees Manage for Ministry

Trustees Committee is elected by their congregation to lead in the stewardship of property. Participating in this webinar will help provide Trustees with key tools on managing current and future property. This administrative leadership role involves managing property, assets, and implementing new ideas for effective property utilization. Whether you are a new trustee or a continuing trustee, the start of the calendar year is a good time to look at the big picture of your responsibility.

Presenter: Jacqui King and Steve Lambert

Duration: 52 min.

Trustees, What's My Role?

The trustees committee is elected by the congregation to lead in the stewardship of property. Participating in this webinar will help provide trustees with key tools for managing current and future property. This administrative leadership role involves implementing new ideas for effective property utilization, and managing property and assets. Whether you are a new trustee or a continuing trustee, consider this time of the year a good time to look at the big picture of your responsibility.

Presenter: Jacqui King



The United Methodist Way

This webinar is designed for staff and volunteer leaders who have responsibility for planning classes, small groups, and Bible studies. Join our guest Tom Albin, Dean of The Upper Room and Ecumenical Relations, as he shares what the United Methodist Way is.

Presenters: Carol Krau and Tom Albin

Duration: 65 min.

What is a Methodist?

This webinar is intended primarily for United Methodist laity and clergy leaders in the U.S.A. and will look at historic Methodist practices as a basis for future direction. We explore John Wesley’s definition of a Methodist found in his brief tract “Advice to the People Called Methodists”

Presenter: Steve Manskar, Director of Wesleyan Leadership

Duration: 62 min.

Thoughts on Wesleyan Leadership

John Wesley said “By Methodists I mean, a people who profess to pursue (in whatsoever measure they have attained) holiness of heart and life.” In this webinar, we will explore the implications of this for missional leadership today.

Presenter: Steve Manskar

Welcoming Ministry 100

How do you welcome visitors to your church? Learn how to lead your church in establishing a dynamic ministry of welcoming and radical hospitality:

  • Interpret what it means to be a welcoming congregation
  • Learn to build a team for welcoming ministry
  • Assess your congregation’s welcoming strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify your church in the local community

Cost: $29.00

Remaining 2016 Course Dates:

  • September 7 - October 19, 2016 - [Registration open Aug. 19 - Oct.18, 2016]
  • November 2 - December 14, 2016 - [Registration open Oct. 3 - Dec. 13, 2016]

A limited number of virtual seats are available for this course and are first come, first serve. Seats will no longer be available after the course is full or once the course begins.



World Council of Churches, Evangelism Webinars

 These North American events are organized by the World Council of Churches, in cooperation with the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, and in consultation with the Canadian Council of Churches. These six webinars seek to inspire discussion and reflection on key aspects of mission and evangelism in contemporary settings in the U.S. and Canadian contexts. Each webinar features panelists from different Christian faith perspectives, traditions, and experience in ecumenical cooperation as they answer questions from the live audience.

Sharing Our Faith

As United Methodists, many of us are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing our faith. Have you ever taken the time to think about and narrate your own spiritual journey? This presentation will help us discover simple tools for identifying and describing our experiences of God, and how to share our faith in a spirit of love.

Presenters: Heather Heinzman Lear and Carol Krau

Duration: 55 min.

VITAL "Tools for Increasing Your Church's Vitality"

For registration link, details, resources and more

This online course provides church leaders with tools to take their congregations to vitality by examining five common behaviors of highly vital congregations.

Presenter: Rev. Jorge Acevedo

Cost: $49.99 for the live online training

2016 Remaining Course Dates:

  • May 4 - June 15, 2016 - [Registration open April 4 - June 14, 2016]
  • July 6 - August 17, 2016 - [Registration open Jun. 6 - Aug. 16, 2016]
  • September 7 - October 19, 2016 - [Registration open Aug. 19 - Oct.18, 2016]
  • November 2 - December 14, 2016 - [Registration open Oct. 3 - Dec. 13, 2016]
Course Syllabus
United Methodist Communications Online Training

United Methodist Communications Training also offers affordable online courses, with professional instruction available on YOUR time. We can teach you how to engage with your congregation online, reach out to seekers, and share God’s love with the latest Internet tools. We’ll share best practices for building a team for welcoming ministry. We can even help you plan a mission trip to improve the quality of life in developing countries through information and communications technology.

Register for online communication training courses for church leaders



Your Church Website: Rethinking Your New Front Door

This course will cover the basics of creating your church website. However, this course also looks at going beyond just having a church website focusing on how to effectively implement a broader online presence. By engaging your audience online first, you extend your reach beyond Sunday services and expose your audience to your message before                                                         they visit your church.

                                                    Cost: $89.99 for one year access starting at registration

Church Marketing Plan – Introduction Article (not a webinar)

The Church Marketing Plan Tool provides several templates and step-by-step instructions to help you create a custom plan that helps connect the unique church God has created you to be with the people He has called you to reach.

Overcoming Your Fear of Flying Article (not a webinar)

"Church marketing is the process of the church identifying and meeting or contributing to the spiritual, community (sense of belonging) and service needs of its neighbors and surrounding neighborhood."

Website Imagery Article (not a webinar)

It is a well-known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, and on the Internet this is key since people stay twice as long on a webpage that has engaging photos than one that has only text. So how do you locate, tweak and add photos and graphics to your website or other Web presence to get people to linger longer on your site? And how can you share photographs online in safe and secure ways?

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