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Ware Grant



Last year, Stewart Memorial UMC was awarded a Ware Grant and was able to expand their outreach capacity to do ministry. River of Life UMC focused their grand funds on creating retreats to further spiritual formation.

First UMC, Jacksonville used their Ware Grant for their Bridge Builders formation ministry. First UMC, Orlando focused on outreach to youth.

These are just a few successful ministries that were recipients of the Ware Grant last year.

Do you have a ministry that qualifies?

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Recipients must follow up with a letter to the Ware Committee by April 22, 2023, explaining how they used the gift and its impact. Failure to submit this letter may disqualify you from future grants.

The funds for such initiatives originate from the trust founded by Rev. He. Melton and Adelaide S. Ware. The grant helped underwrite the cost of the prayer chapel at the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park and is intended to provide opportunities for spiritual formation within the Conference.

Ministries applying for a grant from the Ware Foundation should seek to embody the Wares' sacrificial spirit and generous hearts. The trust has helped fund many vital initiatives in the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church. Last year, we received over 90 grant applications and 15 grants were awarded for a total of more than $20,000.

Here are just a few examples of past grants:

Pasadena Community Church in St. Petersburg used the money to pay for Zoom and Amplify Media subscriptions to conduct online Bible studies. "As well, we purchased several rounds of books for those Bible studies," Finance and Administration Manager Jackie Taylor said. "We are very grateful to have received these funds."

Wesley UMC on Marco Island used the money to upgrade technology. "This came at a time when we were struggling with getting our online presence up and running. We used the grant, along with raising our own funds, to purchase a Mac notebook that cost $2,500. It has greatly increased our capabilities for video and streaming capabilities, along with presenting a more professional-looking website," Rev. Dr. Bill Fisackerly, IV said.

"The Mac has allowed us to run multiple streams at one time, multi-tasking between the video stream, Zoom meetings, projecting information on a local screen, and interacting with persons who log onto the experience. It has been especially effective at The Table, an online Christian community that meets bi-monthly to provide a safe place for people to explore questions about their faith."

Rev. Loida Divine, Co-Pastor at Lake Deaton UMC, said the $1,250 grant enabled  her church to launch a weekly support ministry for people with memory loss due to dementia, Parkinson's, stroke, Alzheimer's, or similar issues. "Every Monday, this group begins with a short devotional and a focus on scripture. Some of our group members can recall scripture they have memorized in the past," she said.

"Part of the schedule includes a half-hour of music, and we are amazed how music affects those afflicted with memory concerns. Music relaxes them, encourages them, and helps them by becoming involved. Sometimes we sing hymns, and participants recall words they have memorized."

There's a little preparation work to complete before going online to apply.

Applicants must come from recognized churches or ministries in the Conference. Be prepared to submit the name(s) and contact information of the officers or leadership for the ministry and accounting procedures. Be careful filling out the form. Applications may be disqualified for missing information.

The individual grant participants should be willing to serve in the ministry requesting the grant. Applicants will be notified about the decision on their application by November. Funds will be received no later than December 31.