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Voting Items

Florida Annual Conference 2021 Voting Items

1.    Organizing Motions from Annual Conference Secretary around procedures, agenda, and secretarial staff
2.    Conference Committee on Lay Leadership Report
3.    CF&A Budget Presentation and Recommendations
4.    Electing our new Conference Treasurer
5.    Commission on Equitable Compensation Report
6.    Florida United Methodist Foundation Board of Directors
7.    Housing/Rental Allowance Resolution for Retired Clergy
8.    Standing Rules changes
9.    Resolutions
        a.    Church Discontinuances
        b.    Church Disaffiliations
        b.    Sale of Episcopal Residence
        d.    “Option for Co-Lay Leader Structure”
        e.    “The QAnon Movement”
        f.    “Non-Binary Gender Resolution”
        g.     “Solar Sanctuaries Advocacy”
        h.    “Valuing God’s Gift in Uncertain Times”
        i.    “Ethnic, Gender and Racial Equity in Clergy Compensation, Responsibilities and Appointments”
        j.     “A Prophetic Call for White Responsibility and Accountability in Dismantling Racism”
10.    Setting the location and date of 2022 Annual Conference
11.    Committee on Journal Motion

Click here to download and/or print the 2021 Voting Items.