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The Sheltering Tree

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The Sheltering Tree

The Sheltering Tree is a non-denominational civic organization created by the FCFAC to provide cold-weather shelter during the many nights per year that the temperature drops below 40 degrees in Flagler County. Over the 5 years the shelter has been in operation, the number of nights below 40 degrees has varied from 9 to 40. First United Methodist Church of Bunnell currently leases space in their fellowship hall each Nov-March to FCFAC for the cold-weather shelter. The shelter facility is open to anyone who has no place to sleep, inadequate heat or is in need of comfort from the harsh weather. The Sheltering Tree program serves meals, distributes clothing, provides "grace bags" filled with toiletries and creates a warm welcoming, safe environment to get a sound nights sleep. The Sheltering Tree facility can accommodate between 30-35 people. Open from 6 pm to 7 am, the shelter is a short respite from the cold nights that many of our homeless population endure.

Volunteer duties and responsibilities

There are many ways you can help us help others.  Listed below are our three distinct programs to sign up for or you can volunteer to support each one by helping the Board of Directors.  To be as efficient as possible we plan and prepare for the programs together so that resources are maximized and time and money is saved.  You can volunteer for a specific program or to help the Board plan to manage it all.  You'll touch all three if you help us raise funds, help with transportation or public relations, move equipment, or be a Board member.

The second program is the cold weather shelter program which activates when the weather is 40 degrees or below.  There are many opportunities to help out when it gets this cold.  We need many people to help out for one evening along.  

The thrid program is called One Man at a Time.  This is a new program that will take wings this fall.  Our goal is to assist the chronically homeless to get back on their feet and live a productive life.  This includes surrounding them with resources so they can win!  We need to raise money for a case manager and all of the resources needed to create a home.

The fourth way to help out is for a program that we are collecting data for now and hope to implement next Spring (2015).  It addresses the needs of our local homeless 365 days a year.  Surely, if humans need a warm place to stay when it is 40 degrees or lower they must certainly need help when it is over 95 degrees.  Each has its own elements of survival.  This program will be developed around this concept and will offer hydration, snacks, and possibly a respite from the extreme heat.  It's called 365.

Where you'll find us working

The Sheltering Tree
205 N. Pine Street
Bunnell FL 32110
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Contact Susan Bickings today to learn more

Phone: 386.986.5824

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Originally posted 1/25/2017

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