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Click here to submit your monthly Vitality Metrics!  All data is due by the 10th of the month for the previous month. Be sure to mark your calendars. Download the NEW monthly data sheet to make it easier for you to track both the Vitality Metrics and the Missional Vital Signs


We have created some instructional videos which we hope will help to answer any questions about these new metrics. 

Our district’s goal is to double the number of vital congregations we have. To set a baseline, we had to determine what makes a vital congregation. We decided to look at a variety of metrics that measure various parts of a vital congregation. In addition, our Operations Team has some helpful videos to explain why these metrics are important. 

  1. Average worship attendance: growth in three of the last five years. AVERAGE WORSHIP ATTENDANCE VIDEO
  2. Professions of faith: 1% of average worship attendance or one, whichever is greater.
  3. Reaffirmations of faith: 1% of average worship attendance or one, whichever is greater. REAFFIRMATION OF FAITH VIDEO
  4. Children and youth: 20% of average worship attendance. (This metric comes from Ministry Architects and demonstrates their experience that a viable children’s ministry should be 10% of the worshipping congregation. Likewise, a viable youth ministry should be the same.) CHILDREN AND YOUTH MINISTRY VIDEO
  5. Average giving per worshiper: 1.85% or greater of the average household income of the homes in an eight-minutes-drive-time around your church. (Our New Church Development area uses this metric to measure healthy churches for adopting or starting second campuses. We’ve already drawn your eight-minutes-drive-time in MissionInsite.) 22 GIVING TIPS FOR CHURCHES
  6. Community Impact: average worship attendance equals 1% or more of the population in an eight-minutes-drive-time around your church. (This metric also comes from our New Church Development area.) COMMUNITY IMPACT VIDEO
  7. First-time guests: First time guests in a year should equal your average worship attendance. (This metric comes from Tony Morgan’s Unstuck Group that helps churches to get unstuck and moving forward in mission.) FIRST-TIME GUEST VIDEO
  8. Gospel Invitation: The saving, Good News of Jesus is shared at least once a month in worship AND an invitation to follow Jesus is made. (Each church has a different context and your invitations should be appropriate to your context. It won’t be the same in all churches.) GOSPEL INVITATION MESSAGE
  9. Discipleship: Adults in spiritual formation (Sunday school classes, small groups, Bible studies) equals 50% of average worship attendance.
  10. Apportionments and Insurance Premiums: Apportionments and insurance premiums are paid at 100%. APPORTIONMENT VIDEO

**The DS can raise a church into vital status for subjective reasons. Typically this will only be done if a church is close to reaching the vitality threshold and is doing excellent ministry.

  • To be considered vital, a church must reach seven of the ten criteria. 
  • Our initial baseline includes churches reaching six of eight of the criteria as we don’t currently measure first-time guests and Gospel invitations.