Miracle Village in Pahokee makes Off-Broadway debut


In Bishop Carter's own words: "What happens when a pastor is sent to a small rural community? And that community is adjacent to a sex offender village? And the pastor begins to know the people there? And the people there want to serve and worship God? And the pastor walks with her people toward a shared and enlarged vision of God's kingdom? And when people struggle together toward that? And when people know that God is blessing them?

"This is one of the stories I have told, again and again, of a local United Methodist church, and a pastor, and a community. It is easy to tell the stories of division and decline. I have chosen to focus on the stories of transformation and hope. What we starve goes away and what we feed grows. Audrey Warren and I shared this story in our book on Fresh Expressions of church. I have been honored to know the people in this story. It is a "God Thing" that it is now being told, night after night, in a theatre filled with people who encounter grace, redemption and healing. God is never without a witness."

Learn more from the WFUV interview with the Life Jacket Theater Company.

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