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United Women in Faith

Florida Conference United Women in Faith strive to follow the mission of our national organization by providing educational experiences that lead to personal change. Both, our purpose “to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus-Christ” and our vision “turning of Faith, Hope and Love in Action on behalf of Women, Children and Youth around the World” connect us with the vision statement of the Florida Conference “being changed in Christ, making a change in the world”. The opportunities we offer to the membership, through our programs are directly related to the mission statements of the Florida Conference: " to connect and equip congregations in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  Our annual Spiritual Enrichment Retreat offers spiritual renewal and challenges participants to deepen their relationship with God and be accepting and supportive of each other.  The theme for Mission u for the quadrennial is “Learning Together for Transformation of the World.”        

United Women in Faith offers training at the national, conference, district and local level to ensure that our officers are informed of their specific office responsibilities and how to work as a team to fulfill our Purpose.  We have a Handbook that outlines our constitution and bylaws, a Program Book with suggested programs for unit events and special celebrations, and the United Methodist Women Reading Program which offers a variety of books in different categories.  The education opportunities provided by United Methodist Women enable our members to offer leadership to their local churches and to be a vital part of the ministries of the church through their membership to the Administrative Council.  Women who attend Mission u are encouraged to return to their local churches and share the information with others.  

A most recent offering from the UMW is "Managing Our Emotions" - A Children's Study.  This is a 4-part study (based on the book "Managing Our Emotions," by Dr. Trudy Rankin), but can be adapted to better meet the needs of the children in your church and community. During the 2020 year and all it has brought, this is a very valuable study. 
This study is designed for Elementary age children (Pre-K to 5th grade).  It also can be modified for rising 6th graders.

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United Women in Faith members and groups are engaged in mission on a daily basis through their prayers, volunteer support and mission giving. Mission Institutions in the United States supported by United Methodist Women's giving are empowering women, caring for children, educating youth, looking after the neglected, advocating for social justice issues, creating economic opportunities and changing neighborhoods.  Our national mission institutions equip women and girls to be leaders in their communities, workplaces and churches.   In addition, we equipped children and youth through our Mission studies to see the world differently and we offer them opportunity to be involved in social justice advocacy and actions.

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