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Transition in Appointments

Small Group Transition Retreat:  

The focus of the small group retreat is to support clergy moving from difficult appointments, those moving into known challenging appointments, those who are retiring, and anyone undergoing significant “CHANGE” in their life or ministry.

Generally the retreat is offered on an annual basis in May after the announcement of mid-year relocation appointments and is limited to six participants. Future dates to be announced.

Alternative times may be arranged as a Personal Retreat, based upon request and other appointment periods.


Date of Workshop: 

2020 Date to be determined



To Register:

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Comments from previous attendees:
“This was very helpful in making the transition so that I will be more effective.  I was able to leave some of the emotions and think more clearly about the future.”  *Added later:  “The meals were wonderful!” “Sally did a wonderful job!  This was the first time I have been able to get a good night’s sleep in months.” “Managing Change was a much needed event for my life (spiritual, social, and emotional needs).  It helped me process my feelings and behaviors so I could leave my last appointed congregation with a positive attitude and help me have a listening, caring behavior for the people at my new appointment.” “This was helpful to me.  It was okay for me to share and be truthful.  This enabled me to openly grieve and later to move forward thinking about where I am going with a more positive attitude.  Thank you, Sally, the kind and gentle spirit of God within you making this a safe place to – Let go and Let God!” “I wanted to sit down and really share my thoughts with you about this fabulous retreat, “Managing Change in leaving difficult appointments”.  Shade and Fresh Water arranged for the retreat.  I came broken and hurting and left with a sense of renewed call and excitement for ministry again.  I believe this retreat should be offered every year right after conference and before we move.  All church appointments carry times of brokenness and pain.  And any time we get caught in the brokenness and it becomes “our fault” or the church’s problems, we tend to get caught in that trap and believe we are to blame.” “Coming together to share with others, reminding ourselves that we as Pastors cannot “fix” the problems of the church, celebrating the good things, and letting go of the bad things is so helpful to remember and share as we leave difficult appointments.  I have come back from this retreat with a new sense of peace.  I have “let go” and am really ready to go into this new appointment with vision and excitement.”