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The Role of the Conference Spiritual Formation Team

Disciples develop through the process of spiritual formation.

It is our intent to carry the mantle of making spiritual formation a part of the DNA of our Annual Conference.

We call the people to listen to God for what God’s Spirit is doing, so that we may join in it. To that end, we will

  • help Conference, District, and cluster level teams and leaders and local congregations see Spiritual Formation in the above described way
  • relate to the Conference level efforts to build healthy churches
  • support and assist local congregations in developing a renewed mindset about spiritual formation and offer them support in selecting appropriate materials and experiences
  • provide learning opportunities and experiences outside the local church at district, cluster or conference level for individuals who hunger for depth spiritual growth to carry back into the local church. We currently provide:

               1. Prayer Room at Annual Conference

               2. Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation

               5. Formation Gatherings

               6. Information about Spiritual Direction

               7. Prayer Labyrinth at LEC

               8. Resources, consultations and retreat leader