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The Beloved Community


We are all wired for relationship and community that is authentic and real.  More so, it is important for Christians to be together through the Body of Christ.  To do this we must be intentional about connecting and being with others. This means building relationships with those that are different from us.

The Beloved Community recognizes and celebrates the beauty and power of God’s gift of diversity.  It is designed to engage and enrich FLUMC congregations as they consider their unique and diverse callings, gifts and graces.  Ideally our work will enable congregations to understand their own diverse make up as well as the communities in which they serve to further reach individuals with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

When providing leadership to local churches and ministries we begin by equipping individuals within our Annual Conference with the skills necessary to help lead congregations through difficult conversations regarding the variety of “isms” that exist in society.  We then look at available resources to help pastors and congregations begin to respond to new ways of thinking about inclusivity in order to extend the reach of the church into the community that it serves.

We’ve already had several people go through the Vision’s training to become Beloved Community facilitators.  This number will grow as we get more laity and clergy trained as facilitators who will be available to host work sessions in churches throughout our Annual Conference. We will also be hosting a variety of district level Beloved Community work sessions. 

There are numerous applications for the Beloved Community in our Annual Conference.  From working with the Cross-Cultural Appointment process to new Fresh Expressions, the Beloved Community work can help our Annual Conference ensure that we are open to the total diversity of those we serve and those we wish to reach. 

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