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The Caring Congregation (TCC) offers guidance on the best Christian practices to help people move through life’s challenges. Our method of care is based on a team approach that empowers both pastors and laity (serving as Congregational Care Ministers or CCMs) working together to support the congregation and community.

Through our books, seminars, webinars, online courses and private consultation, Rev. Lampe and the national team provide capable, adaptable, and scalable guidance based on the CCM model of care for churches, pastors, and districts to empower laity and organize their care ministries.

Visit our website for info on classes, podcasts, upcoming events & resources to provide the best care for your congregation!

"Care should be modeled after the ministry of Jesus, who provided care and support for one another through the peaks and valleys of our lives.”

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“Karen and team, thank you for giving yourself to this transformative work. It is very obviously a labor of love. I’m also grateful for how meticulous you are in your preparation.”           --Harvest UMC webinar attendee

“I’ve begun to enjoy the [webinar] format. In some ways, particularly if it’s in a large meeting, I can see and hear better and actually feel closer to the speakers.”              --Harvest UMC webinar attendee

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