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Shirley Jordan, Shores St. Augustine

Shirley Jordan, Shores St. Augustine

April 22, 2015

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Shirley Jordan, Shores St. Augustine
On December 19, 1995, at 2 p.m., I was a member a small church in Hastings, Florida. My husband was a successful insurance agent. Our daughter was a teacher and happily married. Our son was assistant director of a drug rehabilitation center. Life was good. Then it happened: Our son, who was a recovering alcoholic-long time sober, relapsed and in a drunken state drove his car 100 miles per hour into the back of another car and was killed. He also took the life of an innocent man sitting at a red light.
How could this happen? How could God allow this to happen? The day after our son's funeral I went to his grave and ranted and raved and shook my fist at God. I was so angry. I did not really blame God for the accident, but I was angry that He would allow this to happen after so long a time of our son’s sobriety and helping others. Yes, I was so very angry at God, and He was so very patient with me.
One morning weeks later I awoke to a feeling of peace. I returned to church. I began to enjoy life once again. I began to laugh, and I felt in my heart my son could hear my laughter. More important, God heard my laughter and wrapped his arms tightly around me. He has never left my side, and I am now committed to never leaving Him.
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