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Robert Clogston, First Avon Park

Robert Clogston, First Avon Park

February 26, 2014

Robert Clogston, First Avon Park
I have been a Methodist all my life, being baptized at three weeks, attending Sunday school, MYF, youth delegate, and I met my wife-to-be in MYF. We were married in the church I grew up in, and we brought our children up in the church. But I was never a disciple.

In 1989 my life changed. I was in an industrial accident, and suffered a brain stem injury. I lost the use of my voice and control of my left side. I was retired under a job- related disability. I went from one doctor to another from New York to Washington.
We moved to Florida in 1993 and transferred our membership to First Avon Park.  I was part of Sunday school and bible study and on different committees. I was still fighting with my health, and I was missing something in my life. Finally, I had a sit-down with God and a heart-to-heart. I put my life into his hands .I stopped the doctor chase and went to God each day.

Things started to change: not overnight, but as my faith became stronger so did my health, my voice returned little by little and I became stronger both in faith and health. I could not take in enough of God and church. I became involved in the life of the church. I was asked to do a service at an assisted living center.  After two years of doing this service, my pastor called me into his office and asked me to help him.  He wanted me to be the weekly liturgist and his back-up. I would have to give up the assisted living service because of a conflict in times. After prayer I took the pastor up and became the liturgist and back-up .I filled in fourteen times in his last year with the church. I keep growing in the Lord and in work for the church, lay leader, lay member, church council chair, serve on DCOM.  I became a disciple for Jesus Christ. If I had not turned my life over to God, I would have been still fumbling around. But I have a relationship with my God that gets stronger each day, and my wife of 42 years is right next to me all the way. As the Lord leads, we will follow.  Praise be to God.

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