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Mary Kolts, Faith UMC, Hudson

Mary Kolts, Faith UMC, Hudson

March 05, 2014

Mary Kolts, Faith UMC, Hudson
The disciple shares her story of answering a call.  “I remain in amazement at the feelings that I continue to have, which I am sure are directions from God about what I should be doing with my life.  I, in return, receive a great deal of joy and pleasure in following His directions.”

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Willie Carver Scott, St. Stephens UMC, Hastings
The disciple tells about how God is working in his life.  "The Lord is constantly at work in my life transforming and redeeming his people that are called by His name.  God is at work in my life, speaking to me through the storms of life and through evangelization.  God has spoken, but it is hard every now and then in interpreting his message.  Every day of my life, I see new mercies that come from God that tell me to hold on a little while longer.”