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Mary Broske, First UMC Gainesville

Mary Broske, First UMC Gainesville

November 23, 2016
This story first posted in November 2013.
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Mary Broske, First UMC Gainesville
How the Walk to Emmaus Clarified My Calling

I am Mary Broske, from First United Methodist Church, Gainesville.  I am here to tell you how God has been at work in my life recently to clarify my calling as a disciple.

I am 69 years old, and I am still growing in my faith. What may seem remarkable about my story is that in my later years, after lots and lots of education and professional experience (I have a Ph.D., and was a professor of finance), I recently clarified my call to follow Jesus Christ, to become a disciple. I have learned that no matter our age or experience anyone can always become a better disciple for Jesus Christ.  I highlight this to provide hope to you pastors out there dealing with aging congregations who don't want to change.

I have sensed an ever-stronger calling for some time.  I already serve my church in Christian Education, chairing the committee and teaching.  Since 1996, I have dedicated my time and talents obtaining grants and other resources to benefit the Reichert House. The Reichert House is a community-based organization sponsored by the Gainesville Police Department that serves at-risk minority youth (males), to save them from a life of crime.  They are nationally recognized for what they do.

When our pastor told us about the Walk to Emmaus, and I decided to go, it felt like a giant step out into the unknown.  I thought I might be a bit too old.  Little did I know what God was getting me into!

When I returned home, I had a lot to "unpack" from what I had learned and experienced in that 72 hours.  In fact, it was several weeks after my Emmaus Walk this past February, after intensive prayer and study, that I identified my calling to become a Certified Lay Minister in The United Methodist Church.  I have begun that course of study.

At the very time I identified this calling (a Saturday morning);  I was overwhelmed with a vast sense of peace and felt the very presence of the Living God with me.  He is leading me step by step, one day at a time, toward what I believe He calls me to become as His disciple.
At first, I was hesitant to tell you my story, but now, it gives me the greatest joy to tell you how God continues to be at work in my life!

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