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Lynda Moss, First UMC, Pahokee

Lynda Moss, First UMC, Pahokee

February 04, 2015

Lynda Moss, First UMC, Pahokee
The disciple tells about the transformation of her view about what Kingdom Building is in our contemporary world. She explains that for her, it has meant stepping out of her comfort zone and stepping into changing attitudes to reach the unchurched and stepping into Jesus’s call in Matthew 25:34-46.

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Stephanie Gray, First UMC, Archer
She tells her story of how Jesus healed her, bringing her from a life of self-destruction to redemption. “It took a long time, but Jesus healed me. I am still not perfect, but glory to God, I am on my way. I give all the glory to God: He is the only one who could get my out of my past and give me a future.”