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Kevin Sumner, First UMC Wauchula

Kevin Sumner, First UMC Wauchula

October 26, 2016

Kevin Sumner, First UMC Wauchula
Here at First United Methodist, Wauchula, we have a good food pantry. It's been operating for nearly eight years now. I have been involved since its beginning. After a career in a service industry, this keeps me going and in service to the Lord. The pantry’s name is Feed My Sheep. In its beginning we started by serving a dozen or so families. Within the last month, we served our 10,000th package.
The force that keeps me going, that still melts my heart and affirms the ministry’s need, is one of the first families served. A mom with three children were on their own. The oldest son was about six years of age. He was helping his mom get the groceries. He looked up at me and said: "Thanks mister; we were hungry." In that moment I had affirmation of the Lord guiding this ministry.

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