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Karen Janota, Crystal River UMC

Karen Janota, Crystal River UMC

February 19, 2014

Karen Janota, Crystal River UMC
“How does one describe growing spiritually? To begin with, it is a process that started for me in May of 1996, when I went in search of something that I had no idea what I would find. After all, they kept telling me, “Don’t anticipate!” Yes, it was Walk to Emmaus no. 62 in Fruitland Park, Warren Willis Camp. Since that weekend, God has absolutely turned my life around.”

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Robert Clogston, First Avon Park

The disciple shares his story of putting his life in God’s hands. “If I had not turned my life over to God, I would have been still fumbling around. But I have a relationship with my God that gets stronger each day and my wife of 42 years is right next to me all the way. As the Lord leads, we will follow. Praise be to God."