Jim Halley, Asbury, Orange Park

July 22, 2015
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Jim Halley, Asbury, Orange Park
I have always been active with the Boy Scouts of America.  All three of my boys (no girls) are Eagle Scouts.
I am a physician who used to take a week off to go with the troop to summer camp. We went to a camp in Virginia near West Virginia.  During one summer, I was mountain biking with the boys when I started to get dizzy.  We came off the mountain and put the bikes away. I started to feel better. They began asking if I was ready for lunch, as it was near noon.
At that point my whole right side went numb, and I had difficulty swallowing. They took me to the top of the hill where I was met by an ambulance.  They took me to a small hospital in West Virginia, which did not have its own neurologist. They had a sort of a “circuit rider” neurologist who came every Wednesday.   He worked me up and found I had a cholesterol and clot problem. I did a prayer to God and Jesus to save me so I could live to see my boys grow up and see grandchildren.
From that point, I started getting better and almost fully recovered. I went back to my practice and worked another 19 years before I recently retired.  I do not have grandchildren yet, but all three boys are married, and there is always hope.  I feel that Jesus let me live to be a positive influence in my family, church and community.
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