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Jeanie Scheff, Memorial, Fernandina Beach

Jeanie Scheff, Memorial, Fernandina Beach

September 9, 2015
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Jeanie Scheff, Memorial, Fernandina Beach
Suit up and Show up - be amazed!

God whispered; we said yes!  Joey and I suited up, showed up, and it has been an amazing unfolding!   

In 2006 we were invited to sing weekly at the Saturday farmer's market, beautifully located, on the street behind our church.  A fun gig, we thought!  Our first Saturday we went to our designated spot, propped up a rickety umbrella on the asphalt, and decided to sing only Christian music.  We were tentative. What would people think? Would the market director allow Christian music? 

People smiled as we sang God songs each week.  Finally, we relaxed.  Then it happened! It was a HOT Saturday in July and Joey was overheated - ready to go home.   The leaves of a tree rustled, prompting me to say, "I think we should sing another song.”  Joey grumpily agreed.  The song lyrics flowed... "You're healing places no one sees....."  The vendor next to us was always brash and unfriendly, and we knew we annoyed him. He sold fresh fish, so we called him the "fish-man.” As we sang, he came out of his trailer weeping.  I was drawn to him. I spoke to him, prayed over him, right in the middle of the market!  I knew God was with us. I had no fear.  I didn't care what onlookers thought.  I gave "fish-man" a cross made of nails that I had carried for years. I knew it was for him. God changed him that day.  Joey and I were changed.  We realized that music was the vehicle God was using for greater purpose!

We suited up and showed up for six years at the market.  God used us in countless encounters with people who were in need of prayer and support: People burdened with the challenges of life, those struggling with mental illness, addiction, homelessness and loneliness.  Many became part of our church family.

Joey and I formed "Crowns of Creation Ministries" in 2010.  We have been blessed with invitations to share our many stories and music at conferences, special events and churches.  The donations we receive have allowed us to pour back into our community, supporting mental health programs, addiction recovery, homeless support, and youth programs.  

The market changed directors, and we can no longer minister there; but the ripple effects continue.  We still serve wherever God calls to "suit up and show up!”
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