Ida Mary Spears, First UMC, Bowling Green

March 23, 2016

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Ida Mary Spears, First UMC, Bowling Green
Not so very long ago, I was choir director at a church in a small rural county.  There were some wonderful musicians in the church who selflessly gave of their time and talents to present some wonderful musical offerings throughout the year. I always chose the anthems and other selections and the library was full of all types of sacred music.
One day I entered the choir room and found a piece of music on the floor. Wondering why it was even out, I placed it on the desk and dismissed it. It stayed there for a month or so, and I moved it about. Finally, I took a look at it and decided to give it a try. The choir, a dedicated group of enthusiastic Christians approached this piece with zero enthusiasm. Something prompted me to continue to work on this piece even though the group never hesitated to let me know that there were better selections.
Finally, the day came that this piece was ready.  It wasn't an unusual Sunday morning, but there were several visitors.  In this county there is a facility for rehabilitation of the neurologically impaired and often families who are visiting will come to church.  The service and the anthem went well.  After church, the minister told me that a visitor would like to speak to me.
I found a gentleman seated with his head lowered, in tears.  I asked if I could help and he told me that the choir and I had already helped.  He told me that his wife had been badly injured in a car crash two years ago and was a client at the rehab center.  He had just been informed that she was being released for she had reached her maximum potential for rehabilitation.  He was to take her home.  She did not recognize him, and she was totally helpless.  He told me that he was ready to finish things for them both until he heard the words of the anthem. He said that he realized that God has made promises that He intends to keep. He admitted that God is in control, and he was not.  After a time of prayer and more conversation, he asked for a copy of the music which I gave him. He said that he thought he could deal with the situation, knowing it would be difficult. He said that he felt that God would supply what was needed.
We never heard from him again, but continued to pray for him in our prayer time after choir practice.  We were so thankful that God used our ministry to meet the needs of that man.  I'm so thankful that God wouldn't let me throw that music away and caused us to continue to work on it.  We do serve an awesome God who sees tha big picture when we only see what is in front of us.  The name of the song was "God's Promise.”
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