Hank Lunsford, Trinity UMC, Sarasota

March 2, 2016
This Week’s Storyteller is…
Hank Lunsford, Trinity UMC, Sarasota
On a recent mission to Pahokee, the ages of the missioners ranged from 17 to 84.  One young man was on his first mission trip.  He was a new member of another Methodist church, but joined our Trinity-sponsored team. Also along with us was a 17-year-old high school senior. This was her fourth mission trip.
There are two amazing stories here. The young lady comes from a former communist country where (like most of Eastern Europe) the concept of mission does not exist. At the end of our mission, saying our goodbyes, the young man told me that the mission had changed his life, and he wanted to have the same dedication for missions as the young lady. 
Mission trips, to me, are more significant for the way we change the lives and hearts of the mission team members than for what we physically accomplish. Putting a roof on a house for a disabled Viet Nam veteran is significant. Two hearts changed are also significant. 
Take or go with us on a mission trip to Pahokee and your life WILL be changed also.
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