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Evelyn McRae, First Ocala

Evelyn McRae, First Ocala

April 02, 2014

Evelyn McRae, First Ocala
“I have never been involved with homeless people, and have actually been afraid and uncomfortable around them, not imagining what we would have in common. All of that is changed since we began opening our church once a week to offer a meal and other amenities to those in need, targeting the literally homeless who are often seen on the boulevard by our church. There is incredible life change for all of us.  We are growing in Christ together as we cross barriers and boundaries, extending unconditional love both ways.”

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Donald Marsh, First Brandon

The disciple shares his story of becoming part of a healing ministry.  “We were convinced by the scriptures that we, as disciples of Christ, should be about healing, as well as spreading the gospel.”