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Claudia Sava, Community DeBary

Claudia Sava, Community DeBary

April 29, 2015

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Claudia Sava, Community DeBary
I went to Pastor Lisa and Cheri Mangum in 2011 and asked if we could have the blood mobile come to CUMC on a regular basis.  The Big Red Bus has been here every eight weeks since December 2011. That also means that I'm the one who makes the announcement and am known as the Blood Center advocate at CUMC.  Some people think that I have had a transfusion or have a family member who had a transfusion.  That is not the truth. 
The truth is that in 1994, our only son Aaron Jacob died when he was three years old.  Aaron died from complications of the chicken pox just 21 days after his first pox mark.  This was the year before the vaccine was approved in the US.  The moments that followed are a blur to me.  I do remember asking about donating Aaron's organs and was told that they couldn't use anything of his.  I heard that my perfect little three-year-old was gone from this world and would never have an impact on this world...his life wouldn't matter. 
My husband and I went on to have two more boys, Benjamin and Craig, who we love dearly.  However, no one can ever replace the loss of your child.  I still struggled with the loss of Aaron.  One day, God told me that Aaron could make a difference through me, through the Florida Blood Center.  I am the poster child for people who have trouble giving blood.  I have had low iron, low blood pressure (ran around and then had high blood pressure), underweight, and rolling veins.  It is always a struggle, but I try every eight weeks.  Most of the time it doesn't hurt at all.  There are times that it really hurts, and I can cry and hurt for days.  But, I promise you it doesn't compare to the hurt of watching your child die and living on earth without them to hold.
Praise God, CUMC Debary has saved 270 lives this year (2014) alone, and we still have three drives remaining! 
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