Carol Hilson, Community UMC, Ft. Pierce

March 18, 2015

Carol Hilson, Community UMC, Ft. Pierce
As a preschool director, serving Community United Methodist Church for 25 years, many have said I should write a book, but where is the time to do that? Our preschool serves children from one through five years, including VPK. We have evolved over the years and have become so much more than our pastor could have imagined when he planted the seed for this ministry in 1988.
We have a staff of sixteen teachers, along with an office manager and a busy church volunteer, who helps with shopping for healthy food for the 75 children. We truly serve the "least of these,” as many families are living poverty. We now have two speech pathologists and an occupational therapist on site to serve our children, many with special needs: many of our children have sensory, speech and language, and spatial developmental issues.
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