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Ben Bowman, Georgianna, Merritt Island

Ben Bowman, Georgianna, Merritt Island

May 6, 2015

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Ben Bowman, Georgianna, Merritt Island
The other day I was playing with my children outside when a neighbor kid saw me throwing a football and motioned for me to pass to him. I couldn't resist, and we were soon engaged in a scrimmage. His grandfather came over and saw us playing, and we began talking while trying to control the chaos that is young boys playing football.
I have lived on the same street for over three years, but we had never spoken. He told me about how he has had two brain surgeries, and I could see where his skull was partially caved in from the operations. He gave praise to God that he could even walk or talk or was alive. The doctors said that it was a miracle and had no explanation for his recovery. As we spoke it became apparent that he was out of work but still trying to provide for his daughter and grandson who both lived with him and his wife.
I was touched by his story, and the next morning I came to work where I heard that someone in our church was looking for a family to adopt for Christmas. I knew then that our meeting yesterday had not been by chance, but was an opportunity to connect two families. I walked across the street when I got home and asked for a Christmas wish list. The grandfather returned later that night with a list and tears in his eyes. He wished me many Christmas blessings and it was apparent that God was working.
There is something special about Christmas time that brings a giving heart out of God's people, and it makes me wonder if this is not the way that we should always live, always looking for opportunities to serve and to love people. I had been this man's neighbor for years, and I had not even bothered to know him. But when I was focused on how I could be like Christ this Christmas, God opened up the door.
God can use anything, even a game of catch.
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