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Becky Jordan, First Brandon

Becky Jordan, First Brandon

October 5, 2016

Becky Jordan,  First Brandon
First posted on July 30, 2013
I had occupied a pew for several years and become a museum Christian.  No longer alive, no salt or light.  I was full of self and limited God to a microscopic place in my life.  Matthew 6:23 says …’the darkness that takes over the body of a child of God who has gone astray—that is the deepest, darkest darkness there is.’  I can say without hesitation this is the deepest darkness there is.

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Dennis Delman, First Melbourne
First posted on August 6, 2013
As a humanist, I used God’s natural gifts of intellect to rationally reject the involvement of God in my life.  But God had other plans for me, in spite of my lack of endorsement, and He authored my life in order to produce just the right set of circumstances to allow His truth to be revealed.