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Alex Grimberg, First New Port Richey

Alex Grimberg, First New Port Richey

July 09, 2014

Alex Grimberg, First New Port Richey
After my spiritual healing, I have been involved in many aspects of compassionate care.  Over twenty years ago, I became a trained Stephen Minister and then went on to be a trained Stephen Ministry Leader.  From there, I went on to facilitating Discipleship classes.

I was instrumental in organizing a Compassionate Care ministry at my church.  This involves monthly continuing education classes, training persons for visitation to shut-ins, nursing homes and hospitals.

Ten years ago, I was spiritually called to the hospital ministry.  As a volunteer chaplain at North Bay Hospital, I have witnessed suffering and joy in both physical and spiritual aspects.

Recently, there was an elderly gentleman in the hospital that was told he had only three days to live.  His wife was devastated at the news.  I was able to comfort her with prayer and stayed with her while her husband was transported to the Hospice House. Amazingly, his health improved to the point where he was sent to a rehab.  In the rehab, he got strong enough to go home in time for his birthday.  He celebrated with his family at a restaurant.  It has been a great joy to be able to continue to minister to his wife as she is a volunteer at the hospital.  She has expressed how grateful she was, and still is, for my compassionate care and mercy during such a stressful time.

It was a God wink.  God has helped me to have faith in the Holy Spirit.  There is always hope.  It is amazing how a light touch, listening with an empathetic ear and sharing a silent tear or two can be so powerful.

My disciple journey has helped me to believe, as a witness, when God says "Follow me, I will show you the way."  How important the spirituality is in the realm of the three parts of us:  body, soul and spirit.  Admittedly, I cannot always be obedient to God's word.  The importance of being with a person for comfort and also listening with empathy is truly a spiritual gift.  My hopes and dreams and goals for future steps in my discipleship are that I will continue in my ministries both at church and at the hospital.  I also want to learn how to be self-caring in my ministries and maintain a well-balanced life.  I will seek God's help to motivate me in my goals of continuous education in ministry and its medical applications.  As a side note, I do not want to say "Why me, Lord?" but instead say "Yes me, Lord."

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Sue Holbrook, First UMC Vero Beach

“Being a disciple – and leading others to be disciples – means developing the talents and abilities I’ve been given – for me that means proclaiming and encouraging – and using them to be obedient to God’s calling on my life.  Along the way, as I share with those around me, I hope they will be pointed in their own direction to best use their abilities.”