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Telling Our Stories Week 28

Telling Our Stories Week 28

January 06, 2014

Carolyn Dilks, First UMC, Zephyrhills
"Whenever one speaks of having been raised in a Christian home, or even a loving one, I’m unable to relate. There are no such memories in my memory bank; it just won't compute. As a young child at camp, I had made a decision for Christ. Throughout my teen years, I forgot that decision, but God never did!  The God who created the universe is always there for us, even when others aren’t, even when we don‘t notice.  He was there for me, waiting patiently, protecting my back and covering me with grace.”

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Joe Morales, Braden River, Bradenton

The disciple shares stories of the Holy Spirit being with him in his struggles and dedicating his life to serve our Lord, Jesus:  “He is my life's guiding light. Humbly serving Him brings me a great deal of personal satisfaction and peace.  As a member of the Methodist Church, I hereby renew my promise of - with His help and inspiration - making more disciples for Him as long as I can. Praise the Lord!”