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Telling Our Stories Week 27

Telling Our Stories Week 27

January 06, 2014

Josias Andujar, First – Port St. Lucie
My name is Josias Andujar, and I am a second generation Hispanic pastor who, after 28 years of youth, missions, and pastoral ministry, transferred to The UMC in 2011. This journey has not been an easy one. It has been one full of challenges, tears, but many, many joys. The journey has caused many a challenge in my life, as it has brought me back to my theological roots, challenged my doctrinal heritage, and caused me to rethink God’s grace in my life.
I have been confronted with the unthinkable obstacle of finding a new church family and firmly believe I have found a new one within the people of The United Methodist Church. I believe God has led me here and prepared a place at the table for me. This church has restarted my education, taken an interest in my ministry, and shown patience as I fumble through my mountains.

My background in over 20 years of pastoral ministry has been a pastoral-centered ministry; and as an entrepreneur, high energy, high octane guy, I continue to make adjustments. I must admit I struggle constantly with the "connectional system" within our polity. I have found myself making mistakes in moving too fast, not including everyone, and missing steps within the connection. My communication with others has sometimes lapsed and has caused harm in my personal and ministry relationships.

In the last few years I have found an enormous amount of areas where I need to grow and learn. To be honest, I had lost sight of or avoided some of these areas in the past. Through the help of the Holy Spirit I pray He helps me adjust, grow, and continually nurture me in identifying these areas of my life. I thank God for confronting me in my journey, knowing deep down in my heart that the Lord can bring something good out of the most difficult of times or the most ardent circumstances.

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Carolyn Dilks, First UMC, Zephyrhills

"Whenever one speaks of having been raised in a Christian home, or even a loving one, I’m unable to relate. There are no such memories in my memory bank; it just won't compute. As a young child at camp, I had made a decision for Christ. Throughout my teen years, I forgot that decision, but God never did!  The God who created the universe is always there for us, even when others aren’t, even when we don‘t notice.  He was there for me, waiting patiently, protecting my back and covering me with grace.”