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Telling Our Stories Week 26

Telling Our Stories Week 26

January 06, 2014

Christina Ennist, Asbury - New Port Richey
The disciple describes how she lives after coming back to the church.  “I see Him every day, in a child, a neighbor, a bird, a bug, everything God put here for us.  I see now that continuing His journey is not a burden, it is joyous. I struggle with being dedicated to reading my bible, but I make sure I make a difference for someone every chance I get.”

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Josias Andujar, First – Port St. Lucie

“This journey has not been an easy one. It has been one full of challenges, tears, but many, many joys. The journey has caused many a challenge in my life, as it has brought me back to my theological roots, challenged my doctrinal heritage, and caused me to rethink God’s grace in my life.”