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Telling Our Stories Week 20

Telling Our Stories Week 20

December 04, 2013

Andrew Miller, St. Luke’s UMC, Orlando
The director of high school ministries for St. Luke’s shares the story of involving the youth in the international outreach ministry of Surfing the Nations ( and the group’s developing a deeper understanding of the Bible.

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Nettie Cribb, Lakewood, Jacksonville

The disciple shares her experience of walking away from God and returning to Him.  “I was lost and now am found.  God has blessed me, and many people have blessed me.  I don’t do everything right.  I still don’t feel worthy sometimes.  But, I pray that for whatever life is granted me, I will be able to encourage others to receive the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus, and each day to make someone smile and let them know that someone cares and that He cares."