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Telling Our Stories Week 10

Telling Our Stories Week 10

September 30, 2013

Pastor Juana Jordan, Harris Chapel UMC, Ft. Lauderdale
The pastor tells how a member’s confession helped her refocus on her calling and how she had been trying to shirk back from it and downplay it. It also helped her discover that she needed to be intentional about inviting God to be a part of her process to become the pastor and disciple He intended for her to be.

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Renee Kincaid, Bayshore UMC, Tampa
The disciple shares her story about experiencing the spiritual revival in her native country, Cuba.  “We thought we were going to help Cuba, now a third-world country. Soon we realized that our Cuban brothers and sisters were the ones impacting us to grow in faith and perseverance. In the U.S. we have material things; in Cuba, they are blessed with a special connection to the Almighty.”