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Telling Our Stories Week 7

Telling Our Stories Week 7

August 27, 2013

Sharon Luther, Cypress Lake, Ft. Myers
To tell this story, you need to know that the story is about Jesus Christ and how He is using me as His vessel.

Although I am a life-long Christian, I feel Jesus started my discipleship journey in September 1994.  That was when my husband Jim received the call from God that as a couple we needed to attend church again every Sunday and become Jesus’ daily servants for Him.

It is always assumed that clergy has a calling to go into the ministry.  I have found that God has given me many callings on my discipleship journey. One of the most important callings was to join a small group and take a Disciple 1 course.  During that 34-week Bible study, I learned that Jesus assures me when I believe and give my heart to Him, I will hear His voice and follow Him.

His voice spoke to me in April 2007, to serve Him as the Florida Conference Lay Leader, against my will.  Jesus’ message to me was for others to know that I am trying to be a disciple of His by giving my love to all.  Today I am serving Him in our Jurisdiction, our Conference, our District and my local church.  Jesus has asked me to be a loving servant.  Honestly, at the local church level this is not always easy.

My hope is that I will continue to be a loving servant for Him.  I do see God at work right now at my local church where I am the Mission Chairperson.  Our congregation is very giving and willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and the world.  I also see God at work in our South West District  Lead team that I am a part of, bringing about new ways to assist Rini, our District Superintendent, and our local churches.

Thanks be to God for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and all Glory to God!

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