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Where I saw God Toda

Where I saw God Toda

April 04, 2015

Every year on the Saturday before Easter our church celebrates an activity known in Port St. Lucie as Extravaganza. This event draws an average of 4000 people over the last few years and is by far the largest event of the year for our church. Sportsman's Park in Port St. Lucie beginning around 6:00 a.m. is inundated with worker bee's from our witness team and beyond to fill the field with over 52,000 candy filled eggs for the children's activities. The tents start going up in representation of the ministries at the church and the activities that are to be offered. Worship teams start setting up equipment and performing sound checks. The bounce houses are filled. The charcoal starts to burn for the hot dogs and pork sandwiches. Volunteers start streaming in and the lines start to form for the 10:00 a.m. start.

This year there was a noticeable and tangible difference at the event. The First United Methodist Church of Port St. Lucie and the Lutheran Church that sits caddy corner from our building on Prima Vista Blvd. had done some planning and decided to come together and unite in purpose to see this event through.

In a religious world divided by minor differences and the divisive image portrayed by many it was a breathe of fresh air to be able to express unity and togetherness in spirit and participate at Extravaganza 2015 where I felt a breathe of God and an inspiring whisper in my heart. It was as though God was smiling upon us and breathing upon us his Spirit. Come Holy Spirit.