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Disaster Spiritual Care Provider

Disaster Spiritual Care Provider (DSCP)

Disaster Spiritual Care Providers (DSCP) are specially trained to provide spiritual and emotional care following disasters. Understanding the church as the body of Christ in the world, DSCPs reach out from the faith community to help disaster survivors connect with spiritual, emotional and basic life resources. 

DSCPs do not provide traditional, ongoing counseling. The purpose of the DSCP

  • To provide a listening presence, demonstrating to survivors through their presence and their words that the church cares;
  • To reduce the sense of “aloneness” survivors often feel;
  • To connect survivors with long-term disaster recovery systems that can provide support and information about the recovery process and available services;
  • To gather information and broad surveys for those making decisions about disaster recovery;
  • To provide a “safe” environment for survivors to share their experiences.

Participants receive a badge identifying them as a Disaster Spiritual Care Provider for the Florida Conference. A background check is required. 

Must be 18 or older and complete Disaster 101: Basic Disaster Ministry Training before receiving a badge.

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