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Shade and Fresh Water (S&FW) is a pivotal ministry providing a “transformative sanctuary” for pastors and individuals professionally associated with the church when we speak to the restoration of the body, mind and spirit!  Our vision provides opportunities for personal retreats as well as group covenant retreats at the Warren Willis Camp & Convention Center using the Wesley Suite and other camp facilities as needed.  Resting in a serene environment; reflecting about your ministry, life journey or choices; reconnecting with Christ in nature and in the silence; or speaking with a soul companion/spiritual director are all segues into grounding the soul and inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit as companion for rest and renewal. Our desire is for our guests to enter into a dance or special relationship with the Divine—however that may be for each person.   Providing a safe, quiet and sacred space helps make this possible. 

During the past 17 months living through a pandemic we can somehow feel that “our joy may [not] be complete; ” and as servants, we search for places that can become conduits of the holy and connections to a path that is illuminated by the divine radiance of One who calls us to walk in the light.  Deepening your appreciation of the truth, the call of the One who loves unconditionally, and living into moments of solitude and grace can be the balm that the soul

calls forth when on retreat .  As the Psalmist says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good.”  The invitation from Shade and Fresh Water can become that intersection where the head and heart meld together and become a lantern to the inner journey. 

The Wesley Suite is a comfortable and holy space.  And the camp provides many places as well that invite passages where one can take delight in experiencing an encounter with the Holy: a prayer labyrinth, prayer chapel, and many walking paths. 

We invite you as clergy, church staff, or laity (to encourage your pastor) to take a retreat.  This offering is very affordable and well worth the spiritual benefits of relaxing and having your cup filled to overflowing.  Visit us at   Come, taste and see.  Our LORD is indeed good! 





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