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Imagine No Malaria 5K

The list of galleries below include photos from around the Florida Conference, including Annual Conference, special events, clergy and more. Click on a title to open a gallery. When the gallery loads, click on a thumbnail for a larger preview of the image. Click the download button to download the original file to your computer.

Hustling all the way to the end of the race.

Group crossing the finish line together.

Taking a break while the runners are on the course to take a photo with their banner.

Event coordinators and volunteers pose for a photo.

The crowd starts off at all different paces.

Race begins. Mixture of runners and walkers.

Warming up with the sunrise over the water.

Entrance to the beach from the parking lot.

Listening to the directions for the 5K.

5K coordinator addresses the crowd.

Participant warming up on the beach.

Setting up the starting and finish lines by the pier.

Setting up the starting and finish lines by the pier.

Posing for a photo before the 5K run.