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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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Soup, Stew & Chili

Mouthwatering venison chili. This should be cooked in a crock pot. I have friends in New York that bring the best venison every year.

This is a hearty, fiber-packed meal.

A favorite in Iowa!

It is for whatever ails you!

This really is very tasty, but it probably sounds odd since this soup is made out of squash.

Winter hearty.

Creamy Cheddar and Potato Soup. Serves 8-12.

Pure comfort food. Serve with sourdough bread and a tossed salad. You can make this in a crock pot, adding cooked chicken at the end to heat through. If you are gone all day, cut the barley back to 1/3 cup and use enough stock to just cover the ingredients.

Savory one pot meal. Serves 4-5.

Bring winter on!

My husband's favorite chili recipe!

Zesty "South of the border" specialty.

They don't serve this signature soup at Chili's anymore, but this version from Top Secret Recipes is a perfect clone. ( It is easy, fast, delicious and low in calories.

Easy supper with crusty bread and salad.

A delicious creamy soup that is great in the winter.

This is a wonderful fall soup that would go well with corn bread, as well as the traditional crusty white baguette.

Tasty and good for you, too!

This is a recipe my mother, Wilsie Wingfield Carr, made up as a remembrance of her home state of Georgia. It was made with with great love and warms the soul on those chilly Florida days.

This is a good way to get the kids to eat vegetables!

This is a nice substantial soup with a pleasant taste.


This is a vegetarian type meat.

My husband loves onions, so this soup hits the spot with him.

My husband loves this recipe. It has the meat, veggies, and pasta. A complete meal.

Some folks think this is the only way to go for Christmas Eve.

Traditional recipe, and, oh so good.

Perfect for cold winter days.

This is easy with wonderful flavors.

This is satisfying in a jiffy.

This is a wonderfully rich chowder that "foodies" will love.

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