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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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This is a great salad to serve anytime of the year, but especially nice in the Fall (Thanksgiving) or Winter (Christmas). It has become a family holiday salad.

Avocados have lots of vitamins in them, like Vitamin E, K, C, B6, potassium, etc. But they are higher than other fruit in fat.

There are several steps in this, but the flavor explosion is worth it!

The orange marmalade in the dressing boosts the citrus flavor.

This is a treat with beets, apples and walnuts.

This dressing can be made in any amount and will keep well in the refrigerator. Just use equal parts vinegar and oil. (Fewer calories than traditional vinaigrette dressing recipes.)

An easy summer salad.

A friend had this at a luncheon. I love this recipe.

Anyone who likes broccoli will enjoy this.

You must eat this on New Year's Day in order to be prosperous throughout the year!

Fresh tarragon and lemon juice create a wonderful flavor.

Crisp, refreshing salad.

From the good, old days....

Simple to make.

It is Jello-based.

A family favorite, especially at Christmas, my grandmother's recipe.

Just packed with flavors and full of fiber. A wonderful salad.

Great for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Who doesn't like fruit?????

This is a recipe from one of my Mom's old cookbooks. It is great for summer picnics because it has no mayonnaise!

Who needs bottled dressing when this whips right up in the blender and stores for up to one week?

There seem to be a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but it is worth it.

You can't miss with this recipe.

Helen and her husband owned a German deli in NYC, and this was one of their customers' favorites.

This is a 1990 recipe from a Kentucky restaurant. They used all fresh fruits - and I "tweaked" it to use canned fruits. Great for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals!

Mmmm.......and great for the diet, too!

This salad is a hit wherever it is taken. It originally came from my friend's college roommate, and now it is a favorite at all potlucks! Keeps in fridge for at least 5 days.

Low calorie and satisfying.

Help, I can't stop eating this ......

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