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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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We have enjoyed this unusual recipe. As the title says, it doesn't seem to be either a cake totally or a pie totally.

I found this recipe online and I couldn't be happier! It's so easy to make and so good!

This is an old recipe, but a good one for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or when grandkids come. It makes a 9x13 sheet cake, so travels better than a four layer cake.

There is no description other than delicious--my husband, who doesn't even like dessert, loves these!

This will be a hit at any party!

These were a favorite of my grandmother. She made them every Christmas!

Make these for your valentine!

I have made this, and it really has all the necessary cake ingredients.

A simple chocolate cake to make tea time more fun for you and your guests!

A square of this has just 92 calories.

The plastic slow cooker liners available make this a super easy cake with super easy clean up.

This starts with an angel food cake. If you start with a ready made cake, it makes for a fast dessert.

The fresh apples and sour cream make this pie tasty.

Grandma's Devil's Food Cake. A scrumptious Devil's food cake that, once you make it, will be requested over again. My grandmother sent me this recipe when I was a teenager, and it was a special gift for her to share with me. She's been gone for nearly 30 years and having a hand-written recipe from ...

These are unbelieveably good and quick to make.

Great during Florida's strawberry season, and a great valentine dessert!

This is another fruity dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

This pie is easy to make and tasty.

You make your own pecan flour by grinding pecans in your food processor.

Cashews, MMs, coconut, chocolate chunks...and this calls for big cookies.

Featuring walnuts and pineapple.

Just four ingredients for a silky, no bake pie.

Delicious, four ingredient cake!

Chocolate and peanut butter. 'Nuff said.

Walnuts, chocolate and graham crackers make a yummy combination.

I keep cake flour on hand, but I know everyone does not. I have not made this cake with regular flour.

Dad's favorite!

A little bit of heaven in every bite.

For every chocoholic out there.

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