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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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Great on cake or ice cream.

We have had fun with these at kid's birthday parties.

I bake this cake in a tube pan, well greased. It is pretty, moist and delicious - also, lasts good for quite a few days.

My husband's grandmother had this recipe in her collection.

We enjoy dates and Rice Krispies, so this is a winner.

This pie is rich, so cut the pieces small. But it is delish!

The silly name alone, brings a smile.

For when you need an angelic frosting for a cake.

Our sons used this recipe when they were in Scouts.

Everybody has a recipe for dump cake but this truly easy. It's served like apple or peach cobbler.

This is delicious over either ice cream, cake or brownies.

....Pies. I had not spent a birthday with my son in 10 years or ever seen his first child except in pictures. Colorado to Florida is a long ways. He came to visit my parents and me on his 28th birthday with 3 year old Gwyneth. It was also Mother's Day that year. Only request he made was for Maine ...

This requires a 12 cup bundt pan. My sisters have a large variety of recipes for pound cake. Which one prepared at any particular time depended upon many things like: "Who's going to taste it? How much time do I have? Do I have enough stuff for a "big one" or "little one"?


Just made two batches of fried apples. Half of them I already gave away, and everyone loves them.

Only three ingredients, and it makes a wonderful, healthier frozen dessert.

This is a tasty fruit dip...but has calories. Every now and then we can't resist.


I will make this now and freeze it for Thanksgiving. It helps to have one thing done already towards a big meal.

This pie was taken to show love and respect to any home that had lost a loved one -- thus the name. I often make it with a layer of raw apples on the bottom crust.

Made from scratch and so worth the effort.

Excellent for freezing or serving when baked.

Chocolate Lovers really like this-as do my 5 grandkids!

I never could resist a gingersnap cookie.

These "ball" shaped cookies could only be bought in bakeries in the 1950's. My friends family owned a bakery and he kindly gave me the recipe.

Perfect for a circle meeting, the UMM meetings or a pot luck.

This may be frozen in individual pieces for future meal time desserts.

This recipe was passed to me from my Mom. This was a family favorite at the holidays!

Granny is now 92 and makes these when the whole family gathers. I also make them with walnuts.

It is a little work, but tastes so much better out of the oven rather than out of the box.

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