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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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Featuring chocolate and pecans!

This recipe gives all the joy without all the hassle.

A great fall dessert that isn't too heavy.

This cake is easy to make and is so nice and moist.

Apple dip can be used with apples as a dessert or snack.

A family favorite dessert handed down through four generations. Best served still slightly warm from the oven with whipped cream or ice cream.

Anyone who likes a hint of peanut butter...this is for you.

This bread is nice and moist.

This recipe has been made every holiday since she first shared it with us.

Erase any thoughts about the calories. This is a treat!

Anything including Oreo cookies just has to be good.

This is baked in a tube pan.

The avocado replaces butter and is much healthier for you.

My Mom enjoyed baking, and these were one of her favorites because they are so easy!

Makes 2 pies

Raspberry preserves gives this a nice taste.

A treat for all your coconut lovers!

This is an entirely different cake from Better Than Good, Cake 1.

This is the third Better Than Good Cake and is entirely different from Numbers 1 and 2.

This the last of the 4 Better Than Good cakes. All are different.

Smooth and creamy.

We have 5 blueberry bushes in our backyard. So it is easy to come up with 5 cups of blueberries. But this is well worth making.

This is rich, so cut small peices.

Ice cream makes it even better.

I have made these for years. Everyone who is a peanut butter fan loves these. Easy to make.

This is really similar to pumpkin pie in my opinion.

Recipe for Candied Pecans

A German Chocolate cake mix provide a dough base for these delights.

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